Lanier and Ricoh are integrating

Why are we integrating?

Driven by shared knowledge, new technology and positive change, our business is evolving more rapidly than ever before. Imagine what work life will like be in 5 years, or in 20. Many people in the modern workplace are looking to improve and transform their work styles with new technology.

Keeping pace with this evolution means one thing. Change.

This is why we are pleased to announce that Lanier will join with Ricoh and unite under the same brand name. We've chosen to do this in order to realise the benefits of integrating two, strong and innovative teams into a comprehensive one-stop-shop for business technology and, to provide an even better service for our customers.

Lanier has already been a part of the Ricoh Group for the last 13 years, and the good news is that this transition will see the Ricoh brand strengthen to become a market leader in Australia. We will still provide the same products and services offered today, with an even greater range of managed services across Print, Document Workflow and IT.

Together today, for a brighter tomorrow.

Our success, that has long been based on our innovative office hardware and range of devices, now depends increasingly on how well we can provide solutions and services that help solve our customers' business challenges, while creating solutions that answer individual needs. To help us achieve this, Lanier brings 300 talented staff and specialists, with a great deal of insight. The knowledge and experience that we share will make a huge positive impact across all our business units.

Expectations are changing, as business moves away from traditional platforms, to the next generation of business technology. We understand that our clients must adopt new ways of working such as office automation, cloud based systems, hosted enterprise software and managed services in order to address their own customer demands. Combining Lanier's unique skills and expertise with our global network and resources enables us to deliver everything our customers need.

Now, more than ever, and into the future.